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Privacy policy

Your Personal Information

Personal information is information about you, whether recorded in a material form or not, from which your identity could reasonably be ascertained. The types of personal information we may collect includes name, gender, address, telephone numbers, email contact details, occupational details, certain details about your personal interests, images of you, and other information relevant to the business activities undertaken by Mamadomia Org Sustainability Development Group from time to time.

Where Mamadomia Sustainability Development Group requests that you provide your personal information and you elect not to provide it, Mamadomia Org Sustainability Group may not be able to provide you with some or all of its services.

Collection of Personal Information

Mamadomia Org Sustainability Development Group collects personal information 
from a variety of sources, including:

Communications between you and Mamadomia Org, including via email, 
telephone or in writing (for example, surveys, feedback forms, 
registration for events, competitions and promotions, on-line inquiries);
your participation in discussions, forums and interviews with Mamadomia Group
(including, for example, by filming or recording you) and 
promotions or competitions organised by Mamadomia Sustainability Development Group;
when you use any service provided by (or on behalf of) Mamadomia Org Australia 
when you access or register on Mamadomia Org global group websites and from 
publicly available sources of information.

Information is collected, wherever possible, from you directly. 
Mamadomia Sustainability Development Group will collect your personal 
information lawfully, fairly and without undue intrusion. 

At the time your personal information is collected, Mamadomia Org will take 
reasonable steps to advise you whether there are any consequences of no 
providing that information. Mamadomia Org and group will not collect sensitive 
personal Information about you (for example, information about your racial or 
ethnic origin) unless Mamadomia Org and Group first obtains your consent.

Use and Disclosure of Personal Information

The personal information you provide to Mamadomia Org gives valuable 
insights into the views of local and global sustainability issues.  

This information can, in turn, help Mamadomia Sustainability Group to 
achieve its goals of finding and communicating new and effective ways for 
Humanity to live and work sustainably.  To do this, Mamadomia Sustainability 
Group may use your personal information for a variety of purposes, 
including the delivery of services to you and the conduct of research and analysis.  
Mamadomia Sustainability Group may also send you information and updates about 
Sustainability Development project, initiatives, events and services and provide 
you with information, news and updates relating to sustainability and leading 
a sustainable lifestyle. If you do not wish to receive these updates or information, 
please email 

Mamadomia Org also uses personal information for the purpose(s) that are communicated 
to you at the time of collection (or a related purpose that you would reasonably expect).

Mamadomia Sustainability Group may disclose your personal information to third parties, 
such as:

Web monitoring service providers;
other government and regulatory authorities and other organisations 
(as required or authorised by law or as is reasonably necessary for the assistance of
law enforcement and the protection of public revenue);
its professional advisors (such as auditors);
organisations that assist Mamadomia Group to conduct research or analyse data;
other organisations that assist Mamadomia Sustainability Group to provide services 
to you from time to time (including hosting and software providers).

We take reasonable steps to ensure these third parties are bound by confidentiality 
and privacy obligations in relation to the protection of your personal information.

Data Quality and Security

Mamadomia Sustainability Group will take reasonable steps to:

ensure that the personal information it collects, uses or discloses is accurate, 
complete and up-to-date (however, the accuracy of your information depends on the 
information you provide and whether you keep Mamadomia Sustainability Group updated 
on changes); and
protect your personal information from misuse, loss, unauthorised access, modification 
or disclosure and securely destroy personal information if it is no required for any 

Mamadomia Sustainability Group has implemented technology and security policies, rules and 
measures to help protect the personal information that is under its control.   
However, while Mamadomia Sustainability Group strives to protect your personal information, 
Mamadomia Sustainability Group cannot ensure or warrant the security of any information 
transmitted to it on-line.


Wherever it is practicable and lawful, Mamadomia Org will allow you to interact 
anonymously with us.

Website Privacy

You can visit and browse Mamadomia Org websites without disclosing your personal 
information.  However, where you submit you personal information on a website 
(e.g. complete and submit a webform), your personal information will be managed in 
accordance with this Privacy Statement.

Mamadomia Org websites contain links to various other third party sites. 
Mamadomia Group is not responsible for the content and the privacy practices of other 
websites and does not endorse or authorise the content of any third party websites. 
Mamadomia Org encourages you to examine each site’s privacy policy and make your own 
decisions about providing personal information whilst visiting those sites.

Mamadomia Group uses a variety of web monitoring technologies 
(via third party service providers) to gather information to assist in improving the 
sites and making them more user-friendly.  These technologies include:

Click-stream data: Click-stream data refers to visitor logs and statistics about the 
path a user takes while using a site. This technology is used purely for statistical 
purposes (such as tracking unique browsers to the sites);
Cookies: Cookies are small data files that are placed on a user’s hard drive, which are 
used to collect statistical information each time a user accesses a site (for example, 
the number of visits to the website, documents viewed, how the site is navigated and 
the type of search engine used to arrive at the site); and
Web beacons: A web beacon is a technology that monitors and records web page usage and 
activities.You may be able to disable or avoid some of these technologies by adjusting 
your Internet browser settings, though doing so may prevent you from taking advantage 
of improvements to our websites. Importantly, at no time can individual users be identified 
from the data collected via these means.

Content Editing

Users must be logged in to edit pages and all edits are tracked by username. Anyone can anonymously read pages. Also note that many pages are protected and can only be changed by the Content Editing Team.

Content Deletion

Content that is removed from wiki pages is not deleted, but instead exists in previous versions of the wiki page. All history for pages are tracked. Content cannot be deleted by anyone unless they have direct administrator access to the Mamadomia wiki. The Mamadomia Org policy is that content will not be deleted except in the case of extreme circumstances (e.g. copyright infringement).

User Registration

Anyone can self-register in the website wiki and become a Contributor to the framework. Details that are collected as part of registration are not shared with any external parties.

User Passwords

The site requires users to login via a password. Users are encouraged to select strong passwords. Passwords can be changed in the preferences tab.

IP Address Logging

The site tracks IP addresses of users as they visit the site. This information is stored in system logs; logs are purged periodically.


The site sets a cookie on the users' machine. These can be deleted but must be set to allow logins.

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