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Challenging the known,
Embracing the unknown.

Mamadomia Org
Not for Profit NPO/NGO Joint Venture
Eco-Health Enterprises Group Of Australia

MAMADOMIA PTY LTD,                       ACN 143 401 469 

 Mamadomia Pty Ltd, Open Healing Eco-Health Group Foundation


Perth WA, Australia

Dear Members, Shareholders and others involved,

We are reaching the point where the Mamadomia Group will have to end the burden we have placed on her, if we don not lift the burden ourselves.

This red papers sustainability report provides a picture of Mamadomia Group Australia what we look like and who we are. It tells the story of how we have progressing, changing and sustaining as an joint venture organisations over the last 3 years.


Mamadomia Pty Ltd Australia, Not for Profit NGO organisation and associated with Mamadomia other NPO/NGO corporate entities as listed, are temporary closed to public in Australia due to:

Sustainability Crisis and Internal Conflict Of Interest (COI)
Insufficient funds and assets, unsuitable work place and open to public facilities.
Shortage of members, shareholders, experienced staff and volunteers,
Absence of investors, sponsors and supporters; and
collaborative socioeconomic local environment, and lack of
public participation in the organisation projects and developments.

Analysis of the key issues and challenges.
There are many factual reasons and obstacles the organisation to progress, that has been objectively identified, acknowledged and detailed in the Mamadomia`s Sustainability Crisis Annual Reports, that criticality overview the Mamadomia`s Not for Profit Joint Venture Group Australia crisis situation in order the organisation to eliminate the obstacles to its progress.

In terms of public socio-economic relations perspective and fiscal policy performance.
Critical factors for the crisis state of affairs the organisation is currently experienced, may confirm to the lack of 21st century business dynamics and markets comprehension. Deficiency of long-term open to public project developments and sustainable founding achievements.

Combined with absence of strong-teamwork balanced-coherence and efficient democratic management; abundance of dislikes, hate and ignorance, internal politics and games, intrigues and deadlocks, resulting in confidence and trust detachments from its core open healing eco-health objectives and socio-economic directives.
While the organisation has been under strong influence of widespread local social phenomenon known as: Tall poppy syndrome (TPS). Paralleled with social, economic and cultural discrimination and hyper-partisan bureaucratic politics of WA Australia.  

The result in consequential crisis effects of Mamadomia Group Australia lack of sustainability, profitability progress and self-confidence in its vision, mission, objectives and values . Like many Australian Directors and CEO`s , my belief in the country potential is bigger than the poisonous bureaucratic politics that have consumed it in recent years, damaging Mamadomia self-confidence and destroying the eco-healthy children, talents and youths prospects for the future.

Changing Attitudes At a Social, Economic and Enviromental Level
We are under enormous pressure to deliver results in difficult and uncertain times. This is the second in a series of red papers that explores ways in which the organisation can enable greater resilience and productivity using secure, strategic distributions within the Global Impact Investing Network Funds with the intention to generate measurable social and environmental impact alongside a financial return.

Mamadomia Group is likely to experience more shocks and stresses in the future, on scarcity and on other front lines, with increasing intensity. At the same time as trying to capitalize on the windows of opportunities that such sustainability crises may offer, the board of directors also need to try to ensure that moments of organisation system breakdown lead to renewal, rather than to outright collapse. Resilience is the quality that will determine the difference between these two outcomes.

The concept of resilience in transition is not a new for the Mamadomia org. But now it is taking on new significance at the heart of aspirations for a good solution in a period of disruption and wrenching transition. It`s an conceptual model that combines two dimensions:
(1) bouncing back from the last unexpected shock, emergency, or catastrophe; and
(2) bouncing forward to anticipate, prepare for, and, as far as possible, avoid the worst excesses of the next disruption. Both call on a combination of productivity (doing things better) and innovation (doing better things). And both productivity and innovation are capabilities increasingly dependent upon the art and practice of connectedness. Putting these pieces of the puzzle tog ether in a new narrative of connecting for resilience is critical to governing well amidst precedented risk, change, and opportunity.

In today`s socio-economic and business environment, it`s not good enough to be just as good as the competition; our organizations need to be significantly better than our competitors. Our inside-out strategy works well in fairly well-developed markets where the customers` needs and wants slowly change. Our Inside-out strategies should involve identifying a organisations capabilities and then creating and selling offerings that use these capabilities in ways other organisations cannot match.

With better long term choices, prudent decisions, collaborative teamwork and democratic style management in all levels, and more added value in shares and trade in services enhancements. The long term stability of growth rather than a high growth rate, with balanced increment that is socially, economics and environmentally sustainable, should be the new approach for the future. To do that means encouraging tens of millions members all over the world to get involve while creating a social safety net and particularly on land shares and ownership guarantee, that will give them the confidence to do so.

With less and less internal politics, ignorance and intrigues, parasitic bureaucracy and negativity, and with less socio-economic sustainability negligence, the organisation will have a solid base to sustain and grow. High-tech improves centuries-old traditions. Knowledge may be power when effectively organised, and the organisation and management of knowledge becomes, in part, the control of power. The power of wisely applied knowledge is essential to moving the organisation through its present transition. And the organization and management of knowledge may be the most critical aspect of managing this transition toward a future hopefully more stable and enduring than the one we now know.

Every risk is a potential opportunity. What happens outside always drives how we as an organization react inside. If we look at the technology sector, most of the players that dominated in the past barely survive today. New organized groups are entering the marketplace. As an organization of 21st century we need to know what our competitors are doing to determine their next move. We need to begin by looking at the bigger picture, and the bigger picture includes the local and regional competition, partners, members and the customers.

There are people who are really good managers, people who can manage a big organization, and then there are people who are more creative, analytic or focused on strategy. Those two types don't usually tend to be in the same person. I would put myself much more in the latter camp. The best CEOs I know are proactive teachers, and at the core of what they teach is dynamic strategy.

With more and more supportive members, shareholders and business associated people in value added trade in services international markets utilisation; The Mamadomia Group of joint venture associated companies have the potential to optimise the Mamadomia group tremendous eco-health national advantages and utilize the global economy momentum in profitable beneficiary global children trust fund, pragmatic trade in services trade/exchange/invest and eco-business developments expansion within APEC, WTO and WHO collaborative social market economy for children, talents and eco-health projects.

The organisation success doesn't necessarily come from breakthrough innovation but from flawless execution. A great strategy alone won't win; the win comes from basic partnership strategy and our partnership approach: We build the A*++ social technology. They provide the funds and the flow of membership.

In terms of health and environmental perspective , the unfavourable weather conditions such as; temperature extremes, storms and strong winds and high level Ultraviolet (UV) radiation. As well as extreme unhealthy workplace conditions , luck of water, sanitation and hygiene etc..., exponentially contributed to the escalation of Mamadomia current crisis situation and severe health damages to some of the staff members, resulting in occupational Health and Safety claims and disputations.

However, it is becoming evident that directors are seeking greater long-term solutions and flexibility in their engagement with organisation pragmatic sustainability. The directors are trying to limit the damage, but the damage is not limited to the board of directors and company executives. As the managing director notes, "... on-line value added trade in services virtual development is the Mamadomia`s the best ROI TransTelematics Project within APEC, WTO, WHO etc... developing trade in services eco-health fields and it `s very exciting, but it`s important it`s offered only where it`s going to be better, more effective and more efficient". Sustainable levels of eco-healthy children and young talents can lead to further quality of education.

So, while the concerns about organisation sustainability crisis cannot be ignored any longer, the board of directors need to embrace objective criticism and long-term sustainable development achievements, not as a replacement of classical approach to development, but as an 21st century evolutionary solutions delivery mode. In some situations it may well be a more long term pragmatic 21st century sustainable solutions that better suits the needs of organisation and its future.

Therefore, The board of directors of Mamadomia Group Australia Associated of Not For Profit Organisations on the 27 of October 2013 declared the Mamadomia Org Australia temporary closed to the public in Australia.

The data on which all of the above transformational trends are based, are presented in the individual organisations specific reports along with an in-depth analysis of the key issues and challenges.

The project-enterprises of the organisations combined with its well establish dynamic corporate structure to grow and extend, has great potential to attract investments, shareholders, members and sponsors form worldwide, by facilitating; Adoption of collaborative teamwork practices. Efficient management democratic practices. Innovation performance and correlational common framework of value metrics for financial and risk management policies pragmatic utilisation.


 Mamadomia Pty Ltd, Open Healing Eco-Health Group Foundation    

Mamadomia Group urgently need creative people, experienced IT, PR and business people, corporate directors, CEOs, project leaders and managers, staff and members on probational or meaningful voluntarism bases ( as a starting point of career position, socio-economic or financial success). A teamwork-oriented people committed to deliver tangible results and long-term pragmatic solutions to rise up the Mamadomia Eco-Health Group project developments to international level of successes.

International business/work experience, Advance IT and multicultural skills are highly desirable, but not an obstacle for people with passion for progress, willing to challenge the known and embrace the unknown.

Please browse our messy info-website, do your due diligence; and
If you recognise and like the core concepts behind the mess, and have ability, skills and courage to deal with this kind of matters. Mamadomia Australia Public Foundation CONTACT US  

You never know what the future holds. 
There is a strong legacy to live up to and much to be proud of 

Enhancing children, supporting talents and helping youths to have 21st century education and sustainable eco-health future, while advancing eco-health and trade in services exports and trade exchange utilisation of talent and innovation, eco-health research, science and socio-economic sustainability fulfilment beyond borders and cultures; Combined with taking strategic care of the World Eco Heritage of Australia and local ecosystems health and conservation remain our primary objective and business priorities.

Note that; The Mamadomia - Children Eco Ocean Vessel project development of the conceptual mini-model prototype designs are re-schedule to be assemble in the Mamadomia`s Eco/Studio/Workshop of Bourke NSW Australia and tested in the Darling / Marry river basin trips, before the final realisation of the vessel design - real time ocean test of the Children`s Ocean Vessel project development first ocean test trip take place in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Areas of the Pacific Ocean.

 Mamadomia Children Vessel Project - general idea and boat size ilustration only

Andy Freedman 

Managing Director / CEO 
MAMADOMIA PTY LTD,                       ACN 143 401 469 

28/10/2013, WA Australia 

Privacy Statement Note
The displayed vessel image is just for illustration of the general idea and 
the expected size of featured Mamadomia Children Vessel Eco-Health Project only.   

Cutaway illustrations of cruise ships by Beau and Alan Daniels.
Vessel image source     

There's only one known growth strategy: work dynamically proactive.

It is necessary to develop a strategy that utilizes all the physical conditions and elements that are directly at hand. The best strategy relies upon an unlimited set of responses.

As a organisation we need to flesh out our vision to achieve coherence and direction with our direct reports. The new dynamic plan will be a tool and management competency we can use to demonstrate the path between our current condition where we are and our target condition -where we aspire to be.

We realize that as a single data, info and knowledge centre we are a single point of failure. We cannot change until we realize we need to change. We begin to speak with peers, co-workers and point out our observations and ask: Do you see this as a problem?. Look for empirical sustainability evidence such as evidence of service facilities and outages.

We require management and activist support as this project will require a significant investment. The sooner we can broach the issue to management, the sooner they can start thinking about the resources required. We do not have to complete the entire detailed implementation and test plan; but, a dynamic plan, a Gantt chart of the major tasks and milestones, and a high level design and price list can work wonders. The most likely reason senior management might not support our initiative, even if they see the risk, is that we are not convinced we can wisely use the resources they entrust to us. We will have a party for the entire staff when we secure funding.

We will focus appropriate focus on our design and plan implementation and testing. We will use a PMI style methodology to plan our project. We will develop a team work breakdown structure of everything that has to happen. We will not allow ourselves to say, we will figure that out when we get there, we will figure it out now. We realize that strategic projecting and testing is where we are most likely going to run into trouble and face delays. We will make sure we know how we are going to test every component. If we don't know how to test, we delay the procurement - putting pressure on the vendors and partners to work with us. The team member that contributes the most to the strategic testing section gets to progress in the management department of the organisation.

We will establish effective change to sustainability control. If we are going to create more centres that replicate each other, we must ensure change occurs in an orderly fashion every minute of every day. In addition to standard approaches like a Change Control Board, we are going to automate measuring configuration where ever possible. As an open NGO organisation, we will consistently mentor our teams not to take short-cuts, it is not worth the end-state condition. We will identify critical areas and whenever possible, we will have a back-out method in the event a change does not go as planned.

We aspire to achieve geographic distribution and redundancy, having more sites means that one can cover for the other in the event of partial or total downtime communication disturbance. This is only possible with replication and we will put particular attention to the replication parts of our implementation plan. We will be exhaustive, we will create a check-list and ensure every system has replication and notification if its sister system at the alternate site suffers an outage. When we can demonstrate replication on every system.

We will design and implement local redundancy; for critical online systems, when possible, we will do local fail-over which is faster and keeps the alternate site in reserve. We will do this with redundant host supplies, networks, ISPs and, when appropriate, redundant systems.

Our new design and implementation will focus on state of the art strong security controls. We will use the 33 critical controls as our primary guidance and design framework. We will implement automated monitoring and response whenever possible.

We have and will continue to invest in the eco education and eco-healthy children training and our volunteer and activist help force. We understand we cannot field a state of the art system without educated, trained staff. We will budget initially for the technologies we are deploying with our IT roll out. When a certification is available, we will require our staff to certify to ensure they have mastered the material.

We will establish a budget of both time and money to keep both facilities up to date, phasing out older equipment over time to avoid an upgrade in a single year. As leaders of the organisation, we will take responsibility to ensure this happens, seeking technical feedback from our team members so that we can remain state of the art.

We will maintain the level of business risk reduction that multiple sites with geographic and local redundancy, effective change control, and systematic upgrades and improvements affords us. Every member of the organisation will be given a polo shirt with our company logo and the Mamadomia inscription A*++ Uptime.

Creative without strategy is called - art. Creative with strategy is called sustainable progress.

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