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Mamadomia Partner Network

Join the Mamadomia Partner Network and share the benefits. We are partnering with social, economic and environmental sustainability websites networking and open social media websites, specialising in supporting online and off-line enhancement of children, talents, youths and wise sustainability thrive.

We are looking for website partnerships with eco and health organisations, individuals and eco schools to join our international website partnership project initiatives groups.

Mamadomia Partnership Programs

Mamadomia Group welcomes any solution providers that can complement our activities, ventures and offerings or products and services. We have several types of partnership to choose from.

Social and Environmental Marketing Partners

Sustainability Development Partners 

Open Learning Partners ( early childhood development )

Open Young Leadership Partners 

Open Arts, Design and Innovation Partners

Eco Heritage Localization Partners
Green Business Support Partners 

Children rights activist websites

Eco right activist websites 

Joint Venture Sustainability Trade, Business and Investor relations  

We have a special interest in making and expending more relations with China, India, Brazil, Russia, Indonesia Japan, Korea and Vietnam base partner websites? The Asian sustainability market offers tremendous opportunities but the cultural and legal complexities make entering these markets challenging.

Simply we believe we are building one of the powerful 21st century sustainability development eco-health communities online in the world. Eco, health and socio-economic sustainability web site owners, who are serious about getting noticed globally and virtually in the Google, Yahoo and Bing searches have a real advantage if they partner with us in joint venture together to share the common benefits of the links exchanges.

Exchanging linking is creating success on line. The link trade exchange with us will allow our partners, associates and partner site owners to exchange links with other supportive site owners where a genuine synergy exists between them.

Our joint venture group of NGO companies and open source orgs has over 100ts combined years of search engine marketing knowledge and we are opening our doors to you to benefit from this knowledge in the up coming future. We were marketing co-collaborative trade-exchange venture websites before Google ranking algorithms was even invented and we've seen the internet trade and exchange developments at its best and worst. We know the search agents ranking algorithmic games, but we do not need to go in the search agents competitions games, we simply associate with them.

Most of all we know you will love our upcoming links trade exchange free service because it actually works and that's what makes us unique. Try its free Mobile TransTelematics PRs and make your own mind up. We look forward to helping you.

Become a Mamadomia Links Exchange Partnership Associate.
Our links exchange programs are available to all of our Partners, Members, Shareholders, Activists, Associates, Sponsors, Supporters, Investors etc...

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Become Links Exchange Partner, Associate, Investor, Sponsor or get involve as independent freelancer, enterpriser or supporter

In the Mamadomia online TransTelematics PR joint venture group children fund, projects initiatives, research and edu-programs.

Rapid increases in the availability and power of information technologies are changing the modes of international relations and the conditions for internet market place in the 21st century. In the next few years, the majority of the world's more than 2.5 billion Internet users will be in developing countries. All of these nations and cultures are opening new online and off line markets, making new technology policy, and reacting to disruptive forms of socio-economic sustainability activism that are transnational. This is just the beginning. Demand for more connectivity is booming.

These dynamic changes are systemic and persistent. To respond adequately, we have built an adaptable agenda of 21st century connectivity-craft that stretches across all of the work that we do. We have made adaptive changes in major arenas such as:

Our directives of sustainable children, talents and young leadership collaborative online coherence.
Our methods of internet open source and core inter-relational technological connectivity;
Our approach to collaborative online sustainability development innovative programs;
Our focus on new eco-health trade-exchange in services policy sustainability issues; and
Our policy work inside Mamadomia global children embassies, eco-health schools, research labs, bureaus and virtual offices.

Soon the majority of countries in the world will have a majority of their people connected to the Internet. This raises a host of new sustainability issues for Mamadomia development policies and programs that seek to leverage the power of information networks to support everything from improving children eco-health and education to growing trade in services socio-economic and expanding participation in multi organisational cooperation. Of course, Mamadomia Org has embraced these new technologies transformation across all of their work and is integrating it into their strategic vision under the Global Relational Code of practice. The IT Department has also begun to adapt its own TransTelematics development portfolio in innovative ways.

Mamadomia Open Source and Core group development technologies will be the platform for the sustainability developments communications, collaboration, trade-exchange and commerce of the 21st century. More importantly, they are connecting people to people, to knowledge, and to global social and economic networks.

A coherent collective sustainability networking can contribute to meaningful sustainable change. Just as importantly, we see the value of interacting with and learning from others who share this commitment. We believe that these factors have the potential to impact sustainability sector investment portfolios over time, therefore affecting risk of short time substantial returns. The long-term, coherent approach to risk and return embodied in the Mamadomia Financial Principles ensures we get to know the people and companies in which we invest and understand the sustainability issues that are financially material to their current needs, business and long term strategy.

Visit soon for coming up detailed step by step easy instructions how to exchange links.

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In order to protect our intellectual, source and core business rights and properties. Mamadomia Global Group will continue  appealing but not revealing its strategic business matters until the organisation security policy is attained as constituted.

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