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Challenging the known,
Embracing the unknown.

Creative Volunteers
Sustainable Developments
for a better world thrive and :)



Enhancing Children, Bridging Talents, Youths And Wise.


If you have an open sustainability creative idea that you would like to share, contribute or talk to us about – one that can deliver a triple bottom line benefit – we would love to hear from you! We are always happy to grow our network of creative people that want to help change our world creatively. You might also want to become a creative activist by registering to assist with our fundraising or contribute your own creative skills to one of our events……. how to become a creative activist… and remember the time is now.

Creativity is contagious – pass it on!

Children Vessel | 60 sec smile thrive | creative projects - abundance of opportunities for creative volunteers.

Mamadomia Creative Volunteers is fused by the belief that a creative group is a sustainable group in the fullest sense of the global word—empathic, respectful, imaginative, industrious, adaptive, open and successful.

Mamadomia Creative Group volunteers cultural policy, celebrates strong, diverse and inclusive volunteers culture. It describes the essential role arts and culture play in the life of every volunteer and how creativity is central to sustainability, economic, ecological and social success: a creative sustainability is a productive sustainability for a better world.

In Mamadomia Creative Group we have a far-reaching policy that will see culture and creativity play a central role in our social and economic life which makes sure that all people, no matter where they live, can share in the richness of the cultural life. There is plenty more work to be done and we don’t intend to waste a minute.


CREATIVE CAN DO is an Mamadomia based creativity educational project inisitives which aims to help children reach their full potential by developing life skills and confidence through involvement in creativity and art.

CREATIVE CAN DO brings creativist, artists and creative innovators to work with the children in eco friendly schools and villages and in eco urban cities using various mediums to teach children creativity , arts and independent thinking and using advance metodologies to develop and utilize their talents and creative minds.

Venture volunteer | Hobby volunteer | Hobby Activist | Creative Volunteer | Innovative Volunteer Activist

We consider creative, hobby and meaningful voluntarism for a better world, to be the global activist's sustainability standard for responsible social, ecological and economic sustainable development investment and we encourage our friends, fans, members, partners and sponsors to join our sustainability meaningful voluntarism programs.

What's really important is that we think ahead. What is going to be the next creative culture safety net going forward? Eco-Economy is making it clear what it needs, and the changes that it needs to grow. People now have to start saying, "In this mobile world, what do we need? What's our health and environment and culture safety net going to look like? Is it a welcoming to the greatest diversity of cultures on earth?

Throughout the 21st century, international creative capacity will continue to be central in driving Mamadomia’s volunteering capability. We must build on the strength and excellence of our artistic and cultural global heritage and recognise that creative talent and design thinking need to be at the heart of our innovation, technological development and economic growth.

Culture is created by us and defines us. It is the embodiment of the distinctive values, traditions and beliefs that make being sustainable in the 21st century unique—democratic, diverse, adaptive and grounded in one of the world’s multicultural living civilisations.

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