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United In Vision, Mission and Practice
Collaborative Pragmatic Cohesion Sustainable Developments

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Challenging the known,
Embracing the unknown.

Creative Activists
Sustainable Developments
for a better world thrive and :)



Enhancing Children, Utilizing Talents, Youths And Wise

Opportunist | Creativist | Activists | Cyberactivist | Developers

There are many creative ways you can actively partner and support Mamadomia activist project initiatives, events and programs. Become a Mamadomia Group Partner, Member, Shareholder, Hobby Activist, Associate, Sponsor, Supporter, Venture Investor, Patron etc...

Mamadomia global activism group stands for:
Sustainability Pro-Democracy, Anti-Corruption and Anti-Bureaucracy

Desire to make a difference.
Enthusiasm rarely seems to be in short supply around this group – this year volunteers will rescue puppies, leave their homes to teach children in another country, clean up kilos of plastic, teach simple sustainability skills, erect eco friendly houses, eco-schools and teach in eco-schools (among many, many other things) and they’ll do it all with no strings attached.

Mamadomia Internet Creative Activism Projects

Is an online sustainability creative activism, digital campaigning, digital activism, online organizing, electronic sustainable developments advocacy, cyberactivism, e-campaigning and e-activism is the use of electronic communication technologies such as social media, especially Twitter and Facebook, YouTube, e-mail, and pod-casts for various forms of activism to enable faster communications by sustainability movements and the delivery of local information to a large audience. Mamadomia Group internet technologies are used for cause-related fundraising, community building, projects lobbying, and events organizing.

Creative Advocacy Activism

A picture is worth a thousand words, but not all pictures are created equal.

Life is too short to live in artificial sustainability darkness and slaktivism. Mamadomia Creative Venture Group project initiatives can Help You > Help Us > Help Us All . We have added creative value time sustainability advocacy solutions for everyone to utilize its talents, creativity and skills at home, studio, office or business in sustainable beneficiary way.

If you have any sustainability news, press releases, events, documents, links or other information resources related to this activism issue, send them to us and we will TransTelematic them.

Creative Arts Activist

We support freedom of arts expression in any legal form and communication methods for enhancing children learning, utilizing talents, young leadership and wise in practice.

Creative Media Activist

Mamadomia Internet Activists are a key resource for independent sustainability activists or E-activists, particularly those whose message may run counter to the mainstream. Especially when a serious violation of human rights and eco-health sustainability occurs, the Internet is essential in reporting the atrocity to the outside world, Mamadomia 60 sec. A*++ TransTelematics also can promote projects, websites, events, services and products, and promote collaboration between organizations in real time.

Creative Press Activist

Creative Press internet activists can also pass on E-petitions to be sent to the government and public and private organizations, to canvassing or protest against and urge for positive policy change in areas from the danger zones, arms test to animal and plants testing. The non-profits and charities can use these methods, emailing petitions to those on their email list, asking people to pass them on.

Creative Innovator Activist

Creative Sustainability Activist

Meeting up, moving on for sustainability consensus. The use of eco technology hacking to effect sustainability change and progress.

Creative Designer Activist

Clicktivism reduces activism to a mere mouse-click, yielding numbers with little or no real engagement or commitment to the cause. And that's not is good activist, not good.

Partnerships | Open links exchange | Partner websites | Partner blogs | Volunteers | Work with us

Become a Creative Activist Independently Involve

In broad variety of Mamadomia Joint Venture Group initiatives: The 60 sec. A*++ Good Deeds, Children Fund Programs, Children Vessel Project, Eco-Health Projects Initiatives, eco research and educational sustainability programs and eco events.

Only coherent collective action can produce meaningful sustainable transformation. Just as importantly, we see the value of connecting, collaborating, interacting with and learning from others who share this commitment. We believe that these factors have the potential to impact sustainability sector investment portfolios over time, therefore affecting risk of short time substantial returns. The long-term, coherent approach to risk and return embodied in the Mamadomia Financial Principles ensures we get to know the people and companies in which we invest and understand the sustainability issues that are financially material to their current needs, business and long term strategy.


As a multi-stakeholder open group platform, the Mamadomia Group NGO Association membership is open to individuals as well as to a large array of organisations such as companies, governmental agencies, international alliances, NPO and NGOs, scientific as well as academic and private sector research institutions.

Why become an Associate Partner Activist ?

To benefit from the interdisciplinary and high-level networking opportunities as well as from the exchange of information, data and experience with partners from a diverse field of activities such as business, science, research and NPO and NGOs projects, events and initiatives.

To publicly and globally demonstrate your commitment to the promotion and advancement of a sustainable developments, efficient utilization, advancement and management of sustainable resources on a global scale.
To get exclusive members-only benefits (see details below).

Associate Partner Package

Description: Mamadomia Group Associate partners are natural or legal persons or entities who are actively involved in achieving the Mamadomia Group purpose through devoting their efforts and pay at least the annual contribution. They have both the active and the passive rights to vote. They are entitled to make any suggestion to the Mamadomia Group.

Your Benefits

Eligibility for:

Mamadomia Group Association Board Membership, and Mamadomia Group Association General Assembly Membership.

Mamadomia Group Children Fund, Socially responsible investing (SRI), joint ventures also known as sustainable, socially conscious, "green" and ethical investing, which seeks to consider socio-economic growth, financial return and sustainable socio-environmental good thrive.

Mamadomia Group Children Fund and Sustainable Developments Projects Positive investing >>> Shareholder activism >>> Impact investing >>> Placing capital in businesses and funds that combine financial and social returns. That can thus provide social or environmental impact at a scale that purely philanthropic interventions usually cannot reach.

Mamadomia Open Group Children Fund and shareholders capital may be in a broad range of forms and funds including, but not limited to equity, debt, working capital lines of sustainable credit, and loans and land guarantees initiatives.

Broad access to:

Mamadomia Children Fund responsible investment portfolios.
Mamadomia Open Group TransTelematics free trade in services network, and
Mamadomia Open Group research, info and data exchange network, and
Mamadomia Open Group of 60 Seconds Smile Thrive virtual network.
Mamadomia Children Vessel facilitation and utilisation.

Variety of Mamadomia Group Children Vessel project initiatives, events and tours. Mamadomia Group Found-rising expeditions, projects, initiatives, events and tours. Diverse range of Mamadomia Group Open Healing Eco-Health Land territories. Mamadomia Group Open Healing Eco-Health Academy schools, camps and labs.

Exclusive invitation to:

Exclusive members-only project initiatives, events, conferences and tours. Important fee reductions for other Mamadomia Group project initiatives, events, conferences and tours.

Automatic entitlement to:

The same benefits as above the Bronze entry membership and shareholder level for Silver, Gold and Platinum Patron, Sponsor, Partner and/or Associate of the: Mamadomia Group Children Vessel project development, events, tours, conferences, programs and other initiatives, in the year of annual subscription of membership (e.g. for a membership in 2014 - 2015, automatic entitlement to the same benefits as a Silver, Gold and Platinum entity membership).

Promotion of your:
Logo on Mamadomia projects, conferences, events and initiatives  pre-announcement, brochure, 
research reports, as well as the declaration (Chairman’s Statement of the Conferences), 
with the designation "Silver, Gold and Platinum Sponsor, Associate Partner and/or "Member"

Your Logo and Link display on Mamadomia Group websites during on-line initiatives, 
with your message description, your trade name and designation such as:  
"Silver, Gold and Platinum Sponsor, Patron, Associate Partner and/or Member"

Exclusive rights to use:

The Mamadomia Group logos, trademarks and slogans, with the designation 
"Silver, Gold and Platinum Sponsor, Patron, Associate Partner and/or Member"
for the sponsor’s own purposes (e.g. for NGO, PR or CSR activities)

Free advert:

1 complimentary Mamadomia Children Vessel project event or tour invitation
Free advert in Mamadomia Project Initiatives, Events, Tours and Conference 
programme space, optional at Mamadomia Children Vessel Event, Tour, Conferences 
or eco-fair exhibition with up to 50% fee reduction.

Opportunity to:

Socialize, travel and attend variety of sustainability development research, 
programs, conferences, training, workshops and more ...  

Membership is up for renewal every year.

Get Involved Personally

Your direct personal support of the Mamadomia Children’s Research Centre Found will assist us to provide fund incurable diseases research, eco-health care and activities for children, adolescents and young adults with responsible investment resources for their sustainable future.

The Mamadomia Children’s Research Centre Foundation will be collaboratively committed to ensuring all contributed and invested funds are used as efficiently as possible to help us achieve our mission. Our office space and administrative resources, legal, insurance and auditing services will be provided on a pro bono basis. With just two full-time employees, a part-time accountant and a team of dedicated volunteers and board members, we keep our administrative overheads to a minimum. As part of our commitment to financial transparency, the Mamadomia Grlobal Children Foundation will be audited at the end of every tax year and we then prepare individual for each branch and lodge full financial statements and reports with the Local Securities Investment Commission Authorities and global comprehensive annual reports fully transparent to our members, shareholders and investors.

Let`s - Now - Together Meet up, Move on,
Collaborate, cooperate and further up the world for the better.
Enhancing children learning, talents youths and wise developments for sustainable development thrive.

Enhance eco-healthy children and sustainable eco-friendly school environments.
Advance young talents and sustainable eco-health efficient social economies.
Utilizing eco wise sustainable cultures and eco friendly societies.

Join us,
This is our common sustainable future.
People with passion can transform, advance and further the world for the better.
Life should be simple, open and sustainable development improvement for everyone.

This is us. Mamadomia Org

21st Century Eco-Healthy Children and Eco-Health Socio-Economic Cohesion Pragmatic Enterprises, Progressively Enhancing Humanity Well-being and Environmental Health Prosperity Thrive.

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