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Challenging the known,
Embracing the unknown.

Joint venture 1080 research
Scientific research developments
for a better eco & health sustainability


Connect, Collaborate and Share The Long Term Benefits

1080 Research Mission

We believe everyone on the 1080 poison spectrum-environment should have equal access to 1080 antidote vaccine opportunities and that research plays a vital role in making this happen. Our staff, members and partners will provide leadership in the 1080 research, together with our research collaborators in Australia, New Zeeland and abroad. We will communicate our research findings with our key stakeholders and 1080 vaccine antidote supporters, and will continue to strengthen our connections and high profile locally, nationally and internationally. Coupled with our ability to engage our supporters effectively, we will continue to attract quality research partners, staff and volunteers, further enhancing our 1080 antidote research capabilities and ensuring our project long term sustainability and viability.

1080 Research Objectives

The scientific research mission is reinforced by organisational objectives that actively support our focus as a leading NPO/NGO eco and health research centre and guide our approach to providing research, education, mentoring and consulting services.

The objectives of AU/NZ 1080 research are to:

  • initiate large and/or ongoing antidote 1080 vaccine research projects
  • develop ongoing monitoring of 1080 poison and children mental and intelectual disorders
  • facilitate collaboration with other eco and health research centres both nationally and internationally
  • foster and support a National AU & NZ Research Network
  • conduct campaigns to improve the public profile of 1080 research, thereby attracting additional research funds via grants and donations
  • provide opportunities for voluntarism and early career research and mentoring programs
  • foster data and knowledge transfer to partner and member organisations, professionals and practitioners within the environment, ecology and health fields.
  • maintain a substantial mentoring and consulting business which delivers unique value to clients as a result of our research and educational experience and supports our operations
  • Sustainability Values

    Joint venture 1080 research collaborations with our diverse network of NPOs and NGOs, participants, researchers, practitioners, educational service providers and government agencies, will be marked by the following values:

    Gracious: A generosity of spirit will imbue our project interactions.
    Respectful: We will be honest and considerate in our dealings with others 1080 research projects, especially honouring the valuable gift of personal research observation and information from participants.
    Rigorous: The scientific principles underpinning our research project will be of the highest standards.
    Inspiring: We will enliven and motivate others to work with us and to support our 1080 vaccine research.
    Visionary: We will be at the forefront of science and research into Poison 1080 associated Illnesses and Disorders.

    1080 VACCINE

    Join us Mamadomia Group  

    The world today is different from that of the 20th and 19th centuries. Do you know that: In the 21st century Every 7 Seconds a Child Dies of illness and diseases directly related to environmental health?

    Join us,
    People with intellect and passion can change the world for the better.

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